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SeaRover Julius - A TransAtlantic Voyage

Documentary / Travel-Adventure series

4 X 60'

Narrated by:  Jimmy Cornell

Produced by: High Seas TV

SeaRover Julius - A TransAtlantic Voyage

​is a documentary series about bringing one man's dream 'back to life'. Filmed in a vérité style and narrated by the godfather of world cruising, Jimmy Cornell, SeaRover Julius is a rollicking ride, with all of the grit and drama of battling a storm on the high seas - and that's before the boat even sets sail.

A group of friends, advisors, sailing enthusiasts and marine-shops are building the SeaRover Julius, a 39 ft. aluminum sailboat for a sail across the Atlantic. The TV series follows the building process from scratch, installing the hardware and the equipment, performing 'non-compromise' sea trials and ultimately sailing the North Route (Newfoundland - Greenland - Iceland) across the Atlantic to the Adriatic Sea.




Investigative reports series

13 X 60'

Narrated by:  Jimmy Cornell

Produced by: High Seas TV

PIRATES ATTACK!!! takes an unflinching look at the brutality of modern day piracy.

Real life situations, strong personal testimonies and in-depth scientific investigation come together to reveal a dangerous reality facing cruising sailors around the world.

PIRATES ATTACK!!! goes beyond simple storytelling, interviewing the survivors of recent pirate attacks and staging accurate reenactments of their hostile encounters.We have a full understanding of events leading up to the attack, the confrontation itself and what has changed in the lives of the victims as a direct result. The series also examines the lives of people who live in piracy affected areas, those who are engaged in a daily fight against it, and from behind bars, the pirates themselves.

Pirates Attack!!!


PIRACY ZONE is a 4 x60' HD series that exposes four very different kinds of piracy in the four piracy hot zones around the world.
The first three episodes focus on three different areas where attacks on cruising sailboats often occur, each with very differing motives and levels of organization.

The last episode investigates highly organized pirate gang attacks on corporate cargo ships in Asia.

Documentary Series

4 X 60'

Produced by: High Seas TV

Piracy Zone


Short Treatment:

Matty McNair makes a living as a Polar Guide and she is one of the most well respected veterans in her field. In November of 2004, Matty set out to lead her two kids - Sarah,18, and Eric, 20 - along with two British clients on what was to become known as one of the most remarkable expeditions in South Pole History.

The plan was to cross 1100km from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, on skies, completely unsupported. The expedition was named “Kites On Ice”- since once they reached the pole, they planned to turn around, pull up their kites and ride the wind 1100km back. Sarah, like her mother, is driven to make the expedition a success, while Eric is still questioning his dedication and desire.

If they were to succeed, Matty would become the first Canadian to ski unsupported to the South Pole, Sarah, at 18 years old, would be the youngest woman in the world to ever accomplish such a feat.

The only supplies they had were what they hauled on their sleds, there would be no re-supply along the course until they reached the pole. Ahead of them were seas of ice, gale force winds, white outs, to say nothing of the cold and perpetual sun. Physical strength and endurance were a must, but with an endurance test such as this, mental strength is what pulls you through.

This is a story of a family struggle, and the remarkable mother and daughter who held it together. Through an incredible journey: we discover their motivation, philosophy and the enduring mental stamina it took to conquer one of the hardest emotional and physical battles of their lives.


Narrated by:  Sarah McNail and Maggy McNail

Produced by: High Seas TV & Pitark Expeditions

Women of the Poles

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